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Field Raven Bushcraft Knife



First things first. When you purchase the Field Raven by Black Crow Knife Co, Pioneer Knife and Tool offers a full no questions asked lifetime warranty because the Pioneer boys were involved in it's conception, birth and testing. The warranty follows the knife regardless of who the original purchaser is or when it was purchased.




EVERY Field Raven shipping from Pioneer Knife and Tool has been hardness tested. This is evidenced by the small impression near the logo on the blade shown in picture 7.


Summary of Features:

  • No questions asked transferable lifetime repair or replace warranty on the Field Raven
  • Fully designed and tested in Australia
  • Manufactured and hand finished in Taiwan
  • QC'd and hardness tested in Australia
  • Purchase with or without premium Australian made PKT Kydex sheath
  • OAL 27.5cm/11"
  • Blade Length 12.5cm/5"
  • Blade Width 4.3mm
  • German D2 Tool Steel
  • Canvas Micarta Scales
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Bow Drill Divot
  • Lanyard Hole


Now, the jucy details:

The Field Raven design brief was simple- provide pure practicality and reliability.

Purpose built to be an exceptional all round outdoorsmans knife, the Field Raven processess hard wood and small game equally well. Fine work such as feather sticking is easily mastered with this ergonomic tool. Bow drill friction fire is made more achievable every step of the way from constructing the bow, drill and fire board through to drilling using the divot. The divot has been perfectly positioned to stabilise the drill and allow pressure to be safely applied during the process.

D2 steel was selected to provide outstanding edge retention and corrosion resistance, compared to the common softer carbon steels which are often painted to prevent the rapid development of rust in the field. Heat treatment to HRC58 was chosen to allow easier field sharpening as opposed to the usual low 60's which has proven difficult to field sharpen. Rather than using cheap plastic scales that offer poor grip and control the Field Raven sports canvas Micarta scales to provide unrivaled grip and control even in wet conditions.


These premium elements come together to provide custom features in a high end production knife. To offer such a premium knife at a price point that wouldn't make you want to hide it away instead of using it we had to compromise somewhere. Quality and performance were non negotiable. So we looked at other locations to manufacture. At the end of our search we chose to work with a very reputable knife and tool manufactuerer in Taiwan. Because of this decision we took our testing even further to ensure you get the quality you (and we) expect.


Some of the testing that took place was:

  • Independant HRC confirmation
  • Absolutely wailing on the tip and handle while battoning through a 112mm (4.5") Aussie hardwood stump until the stump had been processed into firewood
  • During the battoning the Field Raven was deliberately and severely levered out of the stump. The knife flexed extremly well and approapriately for a knife of this type
  • Smacked into a tree about 75mm (3") and supported a nervous BCKC Crew Member stepping on the knife without warping
  • After the brutal testing the Field Raven easily processed a (bought) chicken without any touching up
    Field Raven