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You are a hunter. You are a bushcrafter.

You are a bushwalker.

YOU are the Modern Outdoorsman.

Imagine; you're in the field. It's raining. All day you've been negotiating thick scrub, dropping into valleys, ascending over features and scrambling across ridge lines. You've just walked into your campsite and desperately need to get shelter sorted and get a brew on.


What can make this happen as fast as possible, or equally as slow? Your edged tool!


Pioneer Knife and Tool understands that the knife or whatever tool you choose to carry in the field can enhance your experience, or severely hamper your progress if it's substandard and fails when called upon. That's why we only sell knives & tools that have been rigorously tested and lived up to or surpassed their claims or hype. 


The first tool we're proud to offer is the Field Raven from Black Crow Knife Co. Having been heavily involved in the design, birthing and testing of this knife we know it's a worthy partner.

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